Hello friends!  We’ve been open for almost a month now, a little longer if you count our pint nights, and the support and warm welcome we’ve received has been great.  All the blood, sweat and tears we put into this project are validated when you thank us for being here, tell us how you appreciate the atmosphere or compliment our beer and food.  All of those things really do mean the world to us so thank you.  We also appreciate everyone who has shared their disappointments, we take everyone’s opinion to heart and and value the feedback.  We won’t always be for everyone and that’s ok.  We didn’t set out to offer the beer, food and atmosphere that every other restaurant offers, normal isn’t something we strive for, but it’s important that we offer industry leading service and quality, regardless of anyone’s tastes.


The big question, where’s all the beer?  When will Bantam and Pitfall be back??


Well, it’s coming.  We’re definitely going through some growing pains and learning some hard lessons as we get rolling.  We got a bit off our brewing schedule with all the final details we had to take care of to open our doors and frankly we underestimated demand so a big thank you to everyone who has been drinking all of our beer!  In more unfortunate news, we made the decision to send a batch of Bantam and a batch of Pitfall down the drain this weekend.  These beers have been tying up our tanks for way too long and they just weren’t meeting our standards for quality.  We noticed very early on in their fermentation that they were sluggish to ferment and that problem has only gotten worse.  We basically had some weak yeast and when they’re stressed out and in a harsh environment, they can start putting off some odd flavors.  There’s nothing wrong with the beer, it wouldn’t make you sick, but the flavors from the yeast are undesirable and we’d rather send that beer down the drain and potentially run out of beer than sell you a beer that isn’t of quality and doesn’t meet the standards we set out to achieve.  The good news is we have beer coming, River Runner, our lemon-lime Kolsch will be on tap in hopefully just a few days, a new batch of La Noche Triste isn’t too far behind and we just brewed Ponce De Saison, maybe my favorite beer we brew.  We’ll also very soon be brewing Hop Marsh, our single hop IPA that we will brew several times throughout the year, each time with a different hop.  We’ll keep the hop of choice a secret for now!  Bantam and Pitfall will be in the tanks again hopefully very soon, as soon as we have some tanks free!  Even if everything was working out perfectly, current demand depletes our staple beers so fast that we can’t get our taps filled out and we can’t even think about sending our beer out the door.  We’re finalizing the purchase of 3 15bbl tanks, twice the size of what we have now, to add to our brewhouse and allow us to bump our production numbers a good bit.


The next few weeks will be tough, our beer selection will be limited and we could potentially run out.  These aren’t easy decisions to make for any business, especially for one that’s been operating a month, but we feel keeping our focus on quality is really the only decision to make for long term success and customer satisfaction.  We appreciate your patience while we work through this and will be bringing you plenty of our Adventurous Ales very soon.




Nick Fazzoni

President & Co-Founder

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